Friday, January 09, 2009

Teatro Zinzanni

I've been spoiled lately, having been to TZ twice in a four month period. I caught one of the last shows of their production in September, which featured a hilarious drag queen, Manchester, who really stole the show. The story line of the newest show, The Rose of Rio, has much less plot than their last incarnation, but was still enjoyable. With each Teatro show, there are bound to be acts that amaze you and acts that just don't feel as sharp or well developed. The most recent show has a few more of the latter type of acts, but it's really a matter of comparison, since the ones that shine make all the rest seem a little pale.

The first of the two acts that have stayed with me since I saw this production a few months ago was singer Paula Gelly (originally from Brazil).

This beautiful and captivating woman charmed the audience with her pure feminitity, strength, sensuality and vocal talents).

The other is Les Petits Frères (Gregory Marquet, Mickael Bajazet, Domitil Aillot),

who I have seen in previous Teatro productions. These guys are phenominal and make the entire audience gasp in unison at their acrobatic feats. I am particularly smitten with the one in the center. His persona when interacting with the audience is something wonderful to watch.

Special kudos go to Sabine Rieck for her comedic routine - very inventive and unique.
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Elizabeth Stewart said...

I know that guy in the middle! He comes out salsa dancing all the time....doesn't speak much english though (He is French) He is a lot of fun to dance with though!

Anonymous said...

They all are very talented and do amazing acrobatic stuff at the show! I can watch just them keep going all show long , and the curtotionist as well.