Sunday, February 01, 2009


B took me out for a super nice dinner at Union. We'd been introduced to them from the WA Wine 20something event at Fremont Studios earlier in the year, with delicious bites of procuitto, cheese and chick-peas on a crostini.

My caprese inspired salad was very good (I've been enjoying mozzerella, tomato and basil or spinach together - I'm a sucker for Specialty's sandwich with such ingredients between foccaccia bread), but B's won first prize in salad choices with Prosciutto di Parma (with parmigiano reggiano and quince - delicious little fruits related to apples and pears).
My medium rare cut of steak was to die for - I'm pretty sure B enjoyed his pork, but I was too in love with my dish to pay too much attention :)

The decor was very nice, but we were both surprised by the little effort put into the decor of the bathrooms - they could use some work. The whole vibe the place had going for it was thrown off a bit in there.

The waiter was so personable and passionate about the menu items. This place has class and definitely knows what they're doing.

All in all, it was a fabulous evening out!

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