Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Elysian Brewing Company, a year later

I had a great time at the Elysian Brewing Company nearly a year ago, as my blog entry reflects, so it seemed a natural pick for our attempt at a quick bite before catching a Disney Cover Band night at Neumo's.

Service took forever (they were probably understaffed, as our waitress was nice but obviously busy) but the food itself was really what took the most time. It made me irritated to wait that long. When the crab cake special came out, it was a small portion. The sweet potato fries were ok, but really there was nothing to write home about, sans the company at the table.

The Disney Cover Band night was something I was super jazzed about, but the curators of the evening made the mistake of booking too many bands and allowing them to do one or two songs maximum. This lent itself to a LOT of down time for tear down and set up between bands - most of the evening was filled with this void. There were a couple of fun bands that I would love to have seen do a full set (or even 4-5 songs). The band that stood out to me with the most fun stage presence and danceability, was The Catch with their cover of Part of Your World from The Little Mermaid. I will definitely check out that band again.

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