Monday, April 27, 2009

Quinn's, Boom & Smorg

I'd been craving the fish & chips at Quinn's so I convinced B and friends to make our way to the restaurant near Neumo's on Capitol Hill that is famous for its long wait (they don't take reservations) but also famous for their sloppy joes. I've never been a fan of this dish, but those I've dined with have loved them. It's not a cheap (fish & chips $14) but if you're looking for some great food and atmosphere, it's worth the price and wait from time to time.

Our post dinner plans involved a late night show of "Smorgesbord" at Balagan Theatre. I haven't been able to find a site or fan page dedicated to this night, but I'll be sure to post when the May event is. This free late night cabaret is filled with a variety of talent acts. This weekend's performance highlights include a fabulous junkyard band, a duo comprised of a guitarist and flautist/singer and a sketch comedy act heavy on hand to hand stage combat.

Between dinner and the show, we had some time to kill, so used B's iphone GOTIME Happy Hour application to find happy hour in the area. It gave us a perfect location, Boom Noodle, with discounts on beer, sake and well drinks (their 2x a day happy hour also includes food, but we were stuffed).

The space is very clean and open. We had the strangest staff experience, though - it felt a little bit like we were stuck in the middle of the twilight zone.
When the server was right next to me, passing out napkins and chopsticks, I asked him "Did you use to have a ping-pong table here?" His face was directly next to mine as he leaned into the table, so I waited for a response, any response, as I stared at his face just inches away. No response. When he left the table, we all looked in wonder at each other? "Did I ask that quietly?" I laughed (I rarely am quiet). We were all a little bit perplexed that the server was completely unaware.

Our "real" waiter then arrived, we chat (he answers my question about the ping pong table - it is no more) then asks if we know what we want to order. Strongfellow says "It looks like we're going to get some well drinks." To THAT, our waiter says, "Ok, I'll come back then." And heads back to the bar to stand there and wait. We basically said "We're ready to order" and he leaves.

By that time we were all in stitches. It was quite strange!

I have to say, I'm a big fan of the Gotime app and

It's pretty much the happy hour search engine that Seattle's been needing for a long time.

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James said...

I too, love the GoTime. I know the Stranger has one and I'm sure it's also good.